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12 Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4TD
United Kingdom


London Bookbinding specialise in designing and creating bespoke books, custom portfolios, presentation boxes and specialty folders. By combining innovative design with detailed craftsmanship we succeed in making unique presentations and portfolios structures for discerning creative agencies, fine artists, architects, construction companies, designers and global brands across the world. Our work ranges from traditional structures to innovative and cutting edge solutions for pitch and proposals, tender submission and various presentation documents.

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Foiling Guide

A process where an impression is created using either a die or lettering onto a book cover or material. A foil is adhered onto the surface with heat and it creates an indent to the cover. This technique is usually used for prestigious literature and presentations. These finishes can provide the ultimate in decorative appeal. They are not limited to gold and silver foils, but extend to an impressive range of pigmented, holographic and security foils. All of these produce varying tactile effects, any one of which will enhance the printed message.


Foil Stamping



To print a foil onto your book cover,we would ‘deboss’ with either a metal typeface or a die. The term debossing refers to pushing the design into the surface, creating a sunken indentation. This is different to ‘embossing’ where the image itself becomes raised.
We have a range of foils to choose from including a range of colours and metallic finishes. We can also blind deboss, where no foil is used to create a subtle impression.




The die is a plate with an impression raised off the surface.


Setting up artwork FOR A DIE

If you would like to use your own design then we can make a die for you from your artwork. It is important that the artwork follow these guidelines:
• Export as a high quality PDF
• Create a solid black and white file. The design itself needs to be black.
• The size of the die can be no larger than 205mm x 125mm
• Lines can be no smaller than 0.25pt.








We have a selection of metal type in our bindery and this is a good option for foiling titles and names. For for this you simply need to provide us with the text and choose a typeface and size.