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12 Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4TD
United Kingdom


London Bookbinding specialise in designing and creating bespoke books, custom portfolios, presentation boxes and specialty folders. By combining innovative design with detailed craftsmanship we succeed in making unique presentations and portfolios structures for discerning creative agencies, fine artists, architects, construction companies, designers and global brands across the world. Our work ranges from traditional structures to innovative and cutting edge solutions for pitch and proposals, tender submission and various presentation documents.


Crystallised Books by Alexis Arnold

Danny Bianchet


We are always on the look-out for creativity in bookbinding and book production.

The Crystallized Book Series is the most completely unique and beautiful use of the book we have seen. Since 2011, San Fransisco based artist Alexis Arnold has been collecting discarded books on the streets and turning them into crystallised, non-functional artefacts. ‘the books, manipulated with water, then frozen with crystal growth, become artefacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history of time, use, and memory’ says Arnold.

Images courtesy of Alexis Arnold


Handcrafted Menu Covers

Danny Bianchet


Here at London Bookbinding we love and relish when a client comes to us with a creative ad challenging brief. The Malt Lounge & Bar is a Japanese inspired bar located on the ground floor of The Prince Akatoki London that puts a twist on your traditional London bar. They approached us with the idea of a menu that reflected their Japanese influences.

The result were these beautifully handcrafted menu covers bound using a twig along the spine. They were produced in contrasting book cloths, printed on our UV flatbed printer using white and black ink, and finished by our skilled team of bookbinders. The content was printed on a wonderfully textured recycled fine art stock to really compliment the covers. These menus just ooze quality and sophistication.

Another great job to come out of our Clerkenwell bindery.


Recycling Coffee Cups - Is it possible?

Ivan Leitch


With so many people becoming more aware of their impact on the natural world around us one of the big questions asked is can you recycle single use coffee cups?

It is commonly believed, and reported in the media, that you can’t because they are paper outers lined with plastic. With some 2.5 billion cups bought and thrown away every year in the UK alone it has become a major threat to the environment.

Imagine our joy to discover that specialist paper provider James Cropper is proving that belief to be wrong.

Merging the latest advances in sustainability with the creativity of the art industry James Cropper have worked with Seawhite of Brighton to produce a quality new cartridge paper made from 80% recycled coffee cups.

James Cropper’s CupCyclingTM facility is a world first and to date has recycled over 100 million cups. However, they have the capacity to convert up to 500 million cups per year into papers and packaging. Partnerships with companies such as Seawhite of Brighton prove that circular design has a firm place and presents a viable option in many industries.

 So why not create your art on this beautiful paper and then come to London Bookbinding to have it bound into a handmade cover, using sustainably sourced or recyclable materials, to create the ultimate environmentally friendly portfolio.

CupCycle-art paper.jpg

Shepperton Studios Surrey

Caroline Leonard


Auditions took place at Shepperton Studios in Surrey. Phil Daniels had been in South Africa filming Zulu Dawn and got some sort of disease.

He was washed out. When the director Franc Roddam saw how sick he was. he told to go home, but he was asked back for a screen test.

When Phil heard that Johnny Rotten was no longer being considered for the lead role, he thought:

“Well, this is it.”


In celebration of

Ivan Leitch


Sir Leonard Blavatnik is a Soviet-born British-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. 

We made this slipcover for ‘The Courtauld Institute of Art’ who presented it to Sir Leonard and Lady Blavatnik in celebration of the Blavatnik family’s support of Courtauld Connects and the rejuvenation of the Fine Rooms at Somerset House.

The books, “A treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture Volumes I & II” describe the qualifications and duties of an architect and contains drawings and information about Somerset House from 1825.

We produced the cover using black Colorado book cloth, lined with GF smith colorplan -  bitter chocolate with a gold foil.


Laura Berger - Fall In

Ivan Leitch


Laura Berger is an artist that uses her art to induce time with movement, inserting the reality of the moment with playful innocence and connection to optimism. Her fem-centric work is curious and whimsical, a type of voice that is calming and easy to listen too, all while delicately commenting on female cultural idioms and society ideals. 

Clients include: 

The New York Times, Vans, The Ace Hotel, In Style Magazine, Marie Claire, Faber & Faber, Lemon Design, Cuyana, Spirituality & Health Magazine and Bitch Magazine.


Leather Hanging Magazine Rack – Wood & Faulk

Ivan Leitch


A beautiful design and thoughtful materials make this simple magazine pocket a wonderful addition to any home. The pocket is crafted with the finest leather and the wall-mounted bar is solid brass tumbled to a natural finish. Both materials will age and develop a patina over time, enhancing the natural beauty. Ageless quality with style.


Turner Contemporary

Ivan Leitch


Seaside: Photographed

Sat 25 May - Sun 8 Sep 2019 

 This major exhibition will examine the relationship between photographers, photography and the British seaside from the 1850s to the present. It is Turner Contemporary’s first ever photography exhibition. As well as featuring the work of eminent photographers including Jane Bown, Henri Cartier Bresson, Vanley Burke, Anna Fox, Susan Hiller, Paul Nash, Martin Parr, and Ingrid Pollard, the curators have included rich and often unknown work from across photography’s history, including Raymond Lawson’s remarkable chronicle of family life in Whitstable.


The Dorset Sea Salt Company

Ivan Leitch


The Dorset Sea Salt Company collect mineral rich, and super clean sea water from the Atlantic by hand.

This is so they can be sure that the raw material has the correct amount of salinity. After they collect the sea from their favourite spot, they pass it through a triple filtering system, developed and designed to preserve all the goodness from the Jurassic Coast.


Leather bound book - A Harvest of Souls

Jess Hazelton


We have discovered that one of our beloved clients Cheynne Edmonston is an amazing writer and artist, who has published ‘A Harvest of Souls’. The book will take you through a twisted, gothic tale of blood and betrayal to discover what secrets entwine tangled lost souls like the threads of a hangman's halter; read on here.

We produced a special leather bound edition of the book for Cheynne, embellished with silver foiling and presented in a slipcase.


Stylish Menu Covers for Michelin Star

Jess Hazelton


Our amazing wrapped water resistant menu covers, embellished with gold foiling on the front of each menu. Duddell’s is a cultural and social restaurant. The restaurant has a stylishly relaxed vibe where people come together to meet, eat and drink.

Duddells is located 9A St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY which is their only restaurant in London. -


Bespoke Presentation Box Making

Caroline Leonard

We’ve helped deliver a winning tender submission for one of our clients with this beautiful presentation; comprising a handmade box, wrapped in Saffian Recycled leather, embellished with gold foiling. A bespoke insert was made to house a usb and two presentation folders in addition to digitally printed lining components.


MRS WORDSMITH - The Narrative Journey

Caroline Leonard

The Dictionary reimagined.

The world’s largest illustrated storyteller’s dictionary is dripping with inspiration. Packed with 4000 words, expertly picked and blended by leading lexicographers, Word Sauce!™ is jammed cover to cover with hilarious illustrations from the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar.

Mrs Wordsmith offices are in Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1

Bookbinding Studio MJCP.png