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12 Rosebery Avenue
London EC1R 4TD
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London Bookbinding specialise in designing and creating bespoke books, custom portfolios, presentation boxes and specialty folders. By combining innovative design with detailed craftsmanship we succeed in making unique presentations and portfolios structures for discerning creative agencies, fine artists, architects, construction companies, designers and global brands across the world. Our work ranges from traditional structures to innovative and cutting edge solutions for pitch and proposals, tender submission and various presentation documents.

The Adventures of Beau Bookbinding

Beau Bookbinding at Shepherds Falkiner...

Jason Mortimer

Sweet Thames Run Softly London Bookbinding Exhibition

 Shepherds Falkiners
30 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HU
19th August – 1st September, 2014

 London Bookbinding had the absolute privilege of joining forces with Shepherds to host a fantastic exhibition ‘Sweet Thames Run Softly’ where there are no rules…

The exhibition is non-competitive – no winners and no prizes - and the brief was open to different designs, styles and levels of competency. And the result? The exhibition was an exciting mix of contemporary bindings with each design a unique response to the book ‘Sweet Thames Run Softly’ – a book produced by Richard Gibbings (an expert in book production) based on a voyage of the Thames.

I found it not only an interesting exhibition with a lot of creativity and experimentation, but also very encouraging as entering a competition can be very daunting to a beginner. I thought that each book was well thought out with a lot of attention to the small details and keeping in mind the content of the original book.

You can also visit the website here and, with tips and tricks, it is a great resource if you would like to start bookbinding yourself. Why not try your own binding!

A book of the exhibition is available to download at

If you are keen on bookbinding and would like to participate in any future exhibitions sign up to the Society of Bookbinders newsletter which you can do on their website

If you wish to practice and learn new bookbinding skills, you can also go to Shepherds bindery which provides a lot of different and amazing bookbinding courses!